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Selected Publications

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  • Forthcoming and other unpublished material:

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    mental qualities, and the self) | Other Related Work |
    Unpublished Presentations | Miscellaneous
    1. "Quality Spaces and the Appearance-Reality Distinction", PowerPoint presentation in the Symposium, "Mathematical Spaces for Conscious Experiences," including several slides not presented because of time, Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (ASSC) 26, with Catherine Tallon-Baudry, Andrew Lee, and Johannes Kleiner, New York City, June 23, 2023. My talk recorded is available here; the entire symposium is here.
    2. "Grimes and Higher-Order Theory", presentation for Templeton World Charity Foundation project, Replication and Extension of Crucial John Grimes Experiment: Change Detection during Saccades, grant number TWCF0445, June 10, 2022.
    3. "Using Saccade-Induced Change Blindness to Refine Existing Theories of Conscious Perception", Brian Odegaard, Alan Lee, Isaac Lee, Addison Sans, Leo Ng, Andrew Haun, Dana Chesney, David Rosenthal, and Francis Fallon, PowerPoint presentation at ASSC 25, Amsterdam, July 13, 2022, part of the Templeton World Charity Foundation project, Replication and Extension of Crucial John Grimes Experiment: Change Detection during Saccades, grant number TWCF0445.
    4. "Detecting Changes in Visual Scenes during Saccades: Replicating and Extending John Grimes's Experiments", Brian Odegaard, Alan Lee, Addison Sans, Isaac Lee, Leo Ng, Andrew Haun, Dana Chesney, David Rosenthal, and Francis Fallon, poster at Vision Sciences Society, Virtual Meeting, June 2022. Also, an abstract.
    5. "The Science of Mental Qualities", PowerPoint for Conscious and Unconscious Mind: Commonalities and Differences, The Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, July 1, 2022; substantially revised from a talk at Duke University Summer Seminars in Neuroscience and Philosophy (SSNAP), Closing Conference, June 5, 2021.
    6. "Fodor's Representationalism", PowerPoint presentation for a Conference in Honor of Jerry Fodor, Rutgers University, May 2019. Taped presentation.
    7. Unpublished postscript to "There's Nothing about Mary."
    8. "Indeterminacy and Charity of Translation", manuscript.
    9. "Content and Inference", PowerPoint presentation at First CUNY-Milan Interdisciplinary Workshop in Philosophy (on belief), February 2018.
    10. "Thought, Speech, and Consciousness", PowerPoint for presentation at Conference on Sellars in a New Generation, Kent State University, May 2015. As a slideshow; on YouTube.
    11. "Thought, Speech, and the Given", forthcoming.
    12. "Conscious Awareness, Higher-Order Theories, and Overflow", PowerPoint for the "HOT or NOT?" plenary session, Toward a Science of Consciousness, Tucson, April 2012, with co-symposiasts Ned Block and Hakwan Lau. Video recording available here.
    13. "Phenomenology, Methodology, and Theory", PowerPoint slides for a conference at the University of Bern on analytic phenomenology and theories of consciousness, May 27, 2009. Available as online presentation.
    14. "Translation and Understanding", lecture at the Hamilton College Humanities Forum on Translation and Cultural Exchange, October 17, 2011. Available as online presentation.
    15. "Consciousness and Metacognition", PowerPoint for Symposium, "Linking Metacognition, Predictive Coding, and Consciousness," Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, Buenos Aires, June 2016 (including several slides omitted there because of time).
    16. "Metacognition and Consciousness", PowerPoint for the All Souls Seminar Series on Meta-cognition, All Souls Oxford, June 2012.

  • Published—mainly about Consciousness,
    Mental Qualities, and the Self

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    1. "Methodological Considerations for the Study of Mental Qualities", in Conscious and Unconscious Mentality: Examining Their Nature, Similarities and Differences, ed. Juraj Hvorecký, Tomáš Marvan, and Michal Polák, London and New York: Routledge, 2024, pp. 91-111.
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    3. "Consciousness, Theory, and Mental Appearance", in Challenges of the Technological Mind: Between Philosophy and Technology, ed. Paulo Alexandre e Castro, Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan, 2024; expanded from a talk presented to the Mind and Technology Congress, University of Coimbra, Faculty of Letters, September 29, 2022.
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      Table of contents

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      Table of contents.

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  • Other Related Work:
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  • Unpublished Presentations:
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      My presentation as a slideshow.
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  • Miscellaneous:
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    1. Lecture to the Consciousness Colloquium of Yale University, Consciousness and Theory, April 2021.
    2. Lecture to the Neuroscience Research Group of York University, Qualities and Consciousness, March 2021.
    3. Skype interview by Vadim Vasilyev and Dmitry Volkov of the Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies, on “Problems of Consciousness and Qualia”, July 2011.
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      Podcast here.
    9. Intentionality: A Study of the Views of Chisholm and Sellars (Ph.D. dissertation).

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